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Traditionally wood surfaces are stained and there are several choices in types of stains and finishes that can be used to change the atmosphere of a room. The wood surfaces of a room provide a framework for walls, doors and windows as well as broader surfaces such as shelves, or major wall coverings in kitchens and bathrooms. These surfaces have a much greater impact on the feel of a room than many people give them credit for and they are often ignored when do-it-yourselfers attempt to repaint walls or change the appearance of their rooms. The result is a shabby looking project that lacks focus. Getting the best results depends on the quality of workmanship and a professional job will look sharp, clean, and most of all will fit your desired style.

The experts at Kunst Bros. have provided excellent workmanship to the San Francisco area for many years and can guide you in the best methods to achieve your goals in room refurbishing. The woodwork in your home will once again appear rich and vibrant in the style that best suits your personality and the surroundings of your home. Their special attention to details in their customer's homes in Sonoma and Marin counties is the special touch that is the difference between a room that simply looks painted and one that has a vivacious life all its own. Whether you are looking to make your home an entertainment spot for friends and relatives, a family home you and your children can be proud of, or simply a place to give you peaceful relaxation the right finish is the elegant touch needed to create that vision. You don't have to sell your home and buy new one to get your dream house, let the Kunst Bros. help you create it now with the home you own.

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