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Commercial Painting Services

The way a business presents itself to the world is incredibly important. When a company doesn't take care to make their premises attractive and neat looking, their customers are bound to form poor opinions; it's simply human nature...

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Residential Painting Services

One of the best ways to give your home a whole new look is by having it repainted. No matter what room you want to give a face-lift to, a fresh coat of tastefully colored paint can truly transform it. In order to achieve truly stunning results...

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Interior Painting Services

High quality interior painting involves more than simply slapping down a coat of paint; it requires close attention to detail and a skilled, professional hand...

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Exterior Painting Services

It's surprising what a fresh coat of paint can do for the outside appearance of a home. Depending on the color that is used...

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Historic House in Fairfax Paint Job

painting-fairfax-9393We are proud of our work on this historic house in Marin right in the edge of Fairfax. A very old home on that was in need of fresh paint. We used Kelly Moore's (where there is smoke km3787) on the stucco and Swiss Coffee semi gloss on the trim. Unfortantely we don't have photos of what this house looked like before we applied prep and paint to show how far along this project came from beginning to end, but the final result displays how nice the final product looks. Thanks to our crew the hard work.

Downtown Fairfax Exterior Paint Job



We recently were working in downtown Fairfax painting one of Bradley Real Estate's offices. Exterior wood siding long overdue for a fresh coat of paint. Colors used are from Kelly Moore. km5264-1: SOUFFLE for the body and km5248-1: Creamy Gelato for the trim.

Sonoma County Commercial Exterior Paint Job

sonoma-county-commercial-paint-jobHere is one of our latest paint jobs that was done with Kelly Moore paints. This was a commercial building in Rohnert Park. The stucco surface on the exterior required Kelly Moore's Elastomeric Coating. This is a premium material for waterproofing stucco surfaces that is designed to be extra durable throughout the seasons.

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